A Very Visibly Vexing Valentine’s

Today wasn't really a good day. Normally, there was at least something for him to smile about on Valentine's Day, but that wasn't the case this year. Not for a legally separated young man staying with his constantly busy in-laws. Shark stared at the oriental-flavored ramen still in the bowl, just absentmindedly swirling it about. … Continue reading A Very Visibly Vexing Valentine’s


Having A Knack for Becoming Keane

"Come on, you done yet in there?" "Almost, just gotta put on my face." Julienne couldn't believe the day was already here; she could've sworn she had another month or two to prepare things. Of course, given the last few months, she was aware time might have passed by quickly while she was distracted. But … Continue reading Having A Knack for Becoming Keane

Hey Not So Loud

"Mister Rotter?" A child's voice could be heard through the Phone sitting on the table in front of Shark. "Yeah, what do you want? I got one of your half-siblings here in need of a change, so make it quick." Shark listened with a strange sense of intensity. knowing full well that he probably shouldn't … Continue reading Hey Not So Loud


The mixed selection of Chinese and not-quite-Chinese foods gave off a most tantalizing array of scents. Or it would've been if it weren't combined with the foul stench of garbage and other smells that couldn't possibly have been human in origin. But the two of them tried putting up with it anyway. "So, uh...How fresh … Continue reading Law-Bromance

Special Delivery

"Hm?" Shark was up early the next morning, checking his mail and installing Steam onto Marc's computer, when he came across one that had especially caught his attention. "'Thank you for your Steam purchase!' But I don't remember buying anything on there as of recently..." He clicked to open it, scanning his supposed purchases. The … Continue reading Special Delivery

E-Mail Call

It was awkward having to figure out what to put in an email that was to be sent to one's separated spouse. But Sinbad was going to have to get used to doing so for the next few months. He wracked his brain for anything that he could tell Shark over e-mail. Then Sinbad groaned … Continue reading E-Mail Call