Nose Of A Hunter, Heart Of A Dog

Shark's attempt at a workout session that morning was cut drastically short. He realized something was off when he couldn't hear the instructor on the television. It was either that, or her directions had suddenly switched to dog barks. "Eh...?" When he stopped and turned the TV off, Shark was outside right away. "That sounds … Continue reading Nose Of A Hunter, Heart Of A Dog

Going Green

"So how's it look to you?" "It's kind of small, but...I'm guessing that can't really be changed." It had taken a few days, but Shark and Sinbad finally had some sort of greenhouse on their property. They had just moved in their ginseng and tomato plants. "Yeah, I didn't really have a lot to work … Continue reading Going Green

Like The Red String Of Fate (NSFW)

(For those wondering, yes, the red string of fate is prominent in Japanese culture, but it originates from a Chinese legend) (Warning! Extreme (albeit hopefully tasteful) sexual content! You don't see the naughty bits, but it's preeeetty obvious what they're doing) It was strange how such a romantic holiday started with watching Wayne's World and wishing Harwood … Continue reading Like The Red String Of Fate (NSFW)