In Light of the Holiday

"Thanks so much for deciding to come with me to the Christmas Eve service tonight, Sinbad," Mary said as she pulled out the pie she was baking in the stove for later. "Now that my boys have officially moved out, I can get so lonely." "Hey, thanks so much for inviting me," Sinbad responded. "Shark's … Continue reading In Light of the Holiday

Time at the Pool (Table)

"Thanks for inviting me to come hang out with the two of you," Shark said to Polly and Cressida as he watched them get ready for a game of pool. He held Laney close to him, trying not to drop her. "Yeah, we figured you didn't want to be stuck in the house with the … Continue reading Time at the Pool (Table)


The mixed selection of Chinese and not-quite-Chinese foods gave off a most tantalizing array of scents. Or it would've been if it weren't combined with the foul stench of garbage and other smells that couldn't possibly have been human in origin. But the two of them tried putting up with it anyway. "So, uh...How fresh … Continue reading Law-Bromance

Special Delivery

"Hm?" Shark was up early the next morning, checking his mail and installing Steam onto Marc's computer, when he came across one that had especially caught his attention. "'Thank you for your Steam purchase!' But I don't remember buying anything on there as of recently..." He clicked to open it, scanning his supposed purchases. The … Continue reading Special Delivery