Having A Knack for Becoming Keane

“Come on, you done yet in there?”

“Almost, just gotta put on my face.”

Julienne couldn’t believe the day was already here; she could’ve sworn she had another month or two to prepare things.

Of course, given the last few months, she was aware time might have passed by quickly while she was distracted.


But here she was, checking her makeup and hair. Outside, Sinbad was getting more and more impatient.

“Don’t say it like that, Juju,” he grumbled. “You make it sound like somebody took a cheese slicer to your face.”


He tried not to cross his arms and tap his foot, but he couldn’t help it if he did.

“If you don’t hurry up, I’m gonna go out to that wedding arch and marry Wei myself. You want that, huh? You want to lose your fiance to your old co-worker?”

“Shark probably wouldn’t appreciate you doing that, Sinbad,” Julienne answered him.

Sinbad just scoffed. “Come on. I let him go to Bridgeport to maybe fuck other guys, if he wanted to. Is he really going to care if I end up getting someone else in on our married life?”

The silence that followed made Sinbad at least a bit nervous.

“…You know I’m kidding about that last part, right Julienne?”

“I know, I know,” she finally told him. “You love Shark too much to do that.


“Your idea of helping him live life was kind of wrong, but your intentions were good. I can at least give you that. Of course, you know about those and the road they pave.”

“Eh,” Sinbad just uttered. “I already know I’m going to Hell. What’s another mile or two on that highway?”

The two were silent again, before Julienne was finished with her makeup.

“All right, there we are!” She smoothed her hair in the direction she wanted it to go, and made her way out of the room.

Sinbad’s reaction to how she looked was priceless.


He couldn’t quit staring, which Julienne found a bit amusing. He at least had enough of a semblance of thought when he let out an amazed “Dayum, girl. Wei is a lucky bastard.”

To say he was speechless after that would have been a bit of an understatement. Had all the chairs in the place not been dragged out for use, he would’ve sat down on one to keep gaping.

“Well?” She inquired of him. “Do I look all right?”

Screenshot-7 (5)

Now Sinbad was starting to look a bit uncomfortable. “Don’t ask me; I ain’t the one marrying you.”

She gave a bit of a shrug. “But you are the one walking me down; my dad couldn’t do it because he wanted to make sure my mom wouldn’t show up and ruin everything.

Screenshot-11 (5)

“And besides, I’d still like your opinion anyway, so…do I look ‘marriageable’? If I say how pretty I am, would at least a few people be willing to agree?”

Sinbad looked Julienne over once more, then shrugged.


“‘Just ‘a few’? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shark’s parents both wanted to marry you if they saw you. That’s probably saying something, considering you used to date Shark’s uncle. Then again, what do I know.”

Julienne’s face briefly contorted in disgust. “Ugh. Don’t remind me of that drug-addicted pig. He could barely speak English on his best days. The rest of the time he usually just slobbered all over me.”

“Oh, that reminds me; after the ceremony, would you and Wei mind coming over to my house? I think the dogs might appreciate getting pets from someone besides me, and since Shark isn’t here to do that…”

Now Julienne smiled at Sinbad’s request. “You know, I think I’ll actually do that.”

“Great.” Now Sinbad uncrossed his arms. “I figured you’d want some kind of a break after all the shit that’s been thrown in your face the last few months. That’s why I asked.”

“It is nice to have Sagebear licking my face instead of Bill.” Julienne now took her right arm, and offered it to him.


“Shall we, then?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

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