In Our Own Little Garden

(here have a super-short filler chapter while I try to figure out what to do from here) "Yeah, hang on dog. Let me finish making dinner for Shark, then I'll be right with you." Sagebear was oddly insistent in getting Sinbad's attention right now. Sinbad was assuming that she wanted him to turn off the … Continue reading In Our Own Little Garden

Nowhere To Go But Up (Part 2)

Once things had calmed down, and Sinbad was able to convince Julienne to come back into the hospital, things were quiet. Almost jarringly so. Not even Sinbad cracking open a can of Mountain Dew and chugging it really helped. Julienne just kept staring off into space, attempting to ignore the horrible pain she was still … Continue reading Nowhere To Go But Up (Part 2)

Down the Tubes

Whoever decided to install a claw machine in a hospital was clearly not aware of the grief it'd bring. Or at least that's what was going through Shark's mind right now. "Ah, shoot!" He lamented at seeing the empty claw drop nothing into the hole. "That was my last quarter." He was grumbling under his … Continue reading Down the Tubes