Where, oh where, has my Puppy dog gone?

"Faridah! Where are you?" It was astounding and frustrating as to how many possible hiding places there were in the house for a little Catahoula puppy no bigger than someone's foot. Or as of right now, just frustrating. Shark was wishing more than ever that he could fit under the bed. Sinbad was usually the … Continue reading Where, oh where, has my Puppy dog gone?


Phoning it in

"Hey! Psst," Sinbad loudly whispered to a yipping Faridah, "can't you be Little Baby Badass at a more reasonable hour?" Faridah just looked up at him, and kept it up with her high-pitched barks. It looked as though she wasn't going to stop anytime soon. She made certain that Sinbad knew this. Sinbad just groaned, … Continue reading Phoning it in