Halloween Hurts

"So where did you say you got this thing again?" Shark was staring in some sort of awe at the most recent culinary toy that Sinbad had acquired. Of course, Sinbad was obviously more enamoured with it than he was. The dark chocolate was spurting over the tiers like a most decadent display of liquid … Continue reading Halloween Hurts


In Which Senna Wishes Readers:

(Because you all know I can't just leave a holiday unwished) And because she's awesome, a little something I edited for Carewren123, who used to run the short story challenges over on the forums (the picture's nothing special, though):

Happy Road

That night, as Shark waited for Sinbad to get back, he looked about their little bedroom. The walls were still relatively bare, but that wasn't really bothering him. Instead, he turned his attention to the items on their dresser.  As usual, the sad-eyed stuffed dog took center stage, next to the glowing jar of flame … Continue reading Happy Road