It’ll Be A Blue Christmas

(Since second Autumn was so short, I’m not going to bother changing their outfits because that takes too long and also I’m lazy)

Somehow, decorating the house for Christmas this year didn’t seem like the most fun idea.

Especially since it was usually Shark who wanted to do it in the first place. Sinbad was clueless when it came to that, normally.

This year was no exception.

Sinbad didn’t even bother to decorate the tree he’d borrowed from Mrs. Baker. It didn’t feel right to do that without Shark.

All he really did was the bare minimum, for a reminder that the holiday was coming.


Sinbad had already gotten presents for his loved ones, even Shark (although that one would take a while to reach Bridgeport, admittedly), and they now sat under the tree waiting to be unwrapped.

And he couldn’t forget Mochi, either. Dennis had told them that if nothing else, Shark always had Mochi during the turbulent and unpleasant times that were the Racket family Christmases, at least since he was very young.

“He liked to pull on its ears. It at least distracted him from watching his grandmother set the tree on fire,” he’d told him. That alone told Sinbad that Mochi still had some value, even if he’d likely be almost as old as Shark himself anyway.

So out Mochi came. Not that Sinbad really paid attention to him anyway. That was Shark’s thing, not his.

He didn’t really pay much attention in general to what was around him lately, anyway.


In the rather dark and cold kitchenette area, Sinbad tried to occupy himself with cooking. Besides working and sleeping, it was really all he did.

He at least remembered to feed the dogs, along with that routine. But besides that and going to work, he didn’t really leave the house anymore.

Somehow that didn’t appeal to him right now. Screenshot-18

“Damn, this place is really depressing without Shark,” he whispered to himself. After that, it was just the sounds of paws against plywood flooring that broke the silence.

Sinbad hoped that Shark was at least having fun in Bridgeport. Maybe he could ask the next time they were on Skype.

That would probably make him feel a little better.

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