Time at the Pool (Table)

“Thanks for inviting me to come hang out with the two of you,” Shark said to Polly and Cressida as he watched them get ready for a game of pool. He held Laney close to him, trying not to drop her.


“Yeah, we figured you didn’t want to be stuck in the house with the others while they were, well, you know…”

“I just think it’s kind of weird,” Polly spoke up as she walked over to her position at the table. “Harwood’s never volunteered to film the guys having a threesome before. Usually it’s one of us.”

Cressida just shuddered a bit at the bizarre image, before continuing.


“Guess they were just trying something new, and Harwood was the only one around to hold the camera. Not like Laney or either of the dogs could do it. And I didn’t know if you wanted to either.


“But hey! Just a chance for us girls to bond with our quote-unquote ‘Law-Bro.’ And Laney gets to spend time out of the house for her early birthday time. Isn’t that right, Laney?”

Laney was too busy burying her face into Shark’s hair to blather anything to her mother, much to their amusement.


“Sorry if she starts trying to chew on your hair. There’s just something about her and wanting to chew things. Must be her teething phase or something.”

Shark just chuckled. “It’s fine. She wouldn’t be the first one to do that.” Then he gently pulled Laney away from his shoulder.


“Heck, I’ve had the dogs chew up a lot of things that belonged to Sinbad and I. Socks, cooking utensils, the remote, you name it.”

“It sounds like you and Sinbad have really naughty dogs.”

“Yeah, they can be,” Shark responded as he went over and gently sat Laney down on the floor. “But we love those naughty dogs.”


Then he went back to watching the girls playing, while Laney made grabby hands at Harwoof, much to Scotchka’s jealousy.


“So have you ever played pool before, Shark?” Cressida asked of him, as she awaited her turn.

“Not really, I don’t think.” Shark’s face scrunched up in thought as he tried to remember if he ever had. “But my dad says that I was conceived on a pool table. I doubt that counts, though.”


This his expression fell. “Speaking of my dad, I guess that this is going to be the second Christmas in a row that I won’t get to celebrate with my parents.” Now he looked like he was about to cry.

Of course, this didn’t go unnoticed by Polly and Cressida.


“That’s too bad,” Polly answered as she watched the billiard balls scatter from another position. “But I’m sure they understand why you won’t be able to this year.”

“Yeah, they do. And they’ve said that they’re going to visit Mom’s parents this year instead. So there’s that.”

Then it went quiet again for a little bit. Then Cressida spoke up again.


“Hey, Shark,” she said as she looked at the current state of the game, “You want us to teach you the rules of pool while we’re out here?”

“Um…Sure.” Shark hadn’t thought about learning, but he was at least willing to. Waiting for the girls to set up the billiards again, he grabbed a pool stick and stared at it.


“I just hope I actually learn things. Sometimes I don’t learn things so well.”

“Oh, trust us,” Cressida told him. “You’ll learn quite a lot of things about the game in no time. We’ll make sure of that.”

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