Phoning it in

"Hey! Psst," Sinbad loudly whispered to a yipping Faridah, "can't you be Little Baby Badass at a more reasonable hour?" Faridah just looked up at him, and kept it up with her high-pitched barks. It looked as though she wasn't going to stop anytime soon. She made certain that Sinbad knew this. Sinbad just groaned, … Continue reading Phoning it in

The First Year

(Happy Easter! Have a chapter to celebrate) "I got really worried when you kicked me out the other night, Sinbad," Shark said as the two of them set foot into the recently set up establishment. "Yeah, not the smartest thing for me to do, I notice that now," he said in response. "But I didn't … Continue reading The First Year

A Dated Confusion

"Dang, Hawkeye! Where do ya and Brownie go to get all these burrs on ya?" Blaise asked as she tried to run a brush through her dog's fur. Hawkeye just wagged his tail, seemingly oblivious to the frustration he was causing his owner. Next to them, Dennis and Brownie were having the same problem. "You'd … Continue reading A Dated Confusion