Fallen From the Sky(pe)

Shark couldn't thank his in-laws enough for the new sketchpad they'd gotten him.┬áNearly all day, he did little else but draw stuff around him. He'd been so absorbed in this, that he actually forgot to check in with the others back in Twinbrook. Not that he was going to forget much longer, anyway. Right as … Continue reading Fallen From the Sky(pe)


"All right, you see anything in here that's got cracks in it? I don't smell anything, and as you can tell from firsthand experience, I got a good sense of smell, so..." It was hard to understand Sinbad's mind as he brought Julian into his jar shed. "Nothing broken? Cheese spread and shrimp toast intact? … Continue reading (Godson)Rise

Hey Not So Loud

"Mister Rotter?" A child's voice could be heard through the Phone sitting on the table in front of Shark. "Yeah, what do you want? I got one of your half-siblings here in need of a change, so make it quick." Shark listened with a strange sense of intensity. knowing full well that he probably shouldn't … Continue reading Hey Not So Loud