Faridah Gets Blarffy

“Yes, but why is it here?” 

Beefy and Zas were sitting out on the porch one late afternoon, marveling at the enormous briefcase-looking thing sitting next to them.

Said briefcase thing smelled like fried chicken and chili cheese fries. But if that were the contents, it would have all gone bad by now. Screenshot-3

“I’m going to assume the red-haired hyumin put it here as a sort of apology present,” Zas told Beefy. “Apparently, the brown-haired one did not appreciate the red-haired one’s concerns about him.”

“Hasn’t this happened before? Those two never fought bad enough for that to occur.” 


“Not to this caliber, I don’t believe, no. But recall how distant the brown-haired hyumin has been of late. Perhaps this is the red-haired one’s penance, of sorts.” 

“But that doesn’t make sense! Shouldn’t the brown-haired hyumin be giving the red-haired hyumin apology gifts?”

Zas just snorted, as though trying to force a sneeze out. “Hyumins are strange creatures, Beefy. I only wish I were one so as to impart their twisted logic upon you.”

“Does this mean I can pee on it?” 


“Please do not pee on the penance gift. Do not make me get Sagebear.” 

Regardless of whether or not Mr. Beefy actually urinated on the box, Sagebear still couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

Evidently she could hear them from inside the house, while guarding Shark, who had cried himself to sleep a while ago.


“Why do they always come to me for that sort of thing? Can’t I have one day without interruptions from them or the others?

“Bad enough that the hyumins fought earlier. God, I’m amazed that I still have my hearing after listening to all that.” 

Sagebear herself wasn’t too certain if she were able to signal that Sinbad would return home, if he returned home at all.

Meanwhile, Faridah stood there, upset over the entire predicament herself.


She had wanted to wait with her mother for Sinbad to come home, but Sagebear told her not to worry about it, as it was something she’d likely not understand.

Faridah understood full well that her owners were mad with each other. But she, as a small puppy, could do little if anything about it.

Not that it was going to stop her.

Waiting until her mother began taking a nap, Faridah then padded over to the stairs, and carefully pulled herself up each step.

Once upstairs, she turned her attention to the focus of her brewing plan.


“Come on, Mister Bear!” She cried to the giant teddy bear in Shark’s happy place. “The brown-haired one is sad again!”

As quickly as she could, Faridah went over to the bear’s side, and lunged at it. With enough tries, she was able to topple it over onto its side.

While she tried pushing it down the stairs, however, its arm got caught on the banister.


“No, Mister Bear! We can’t stop now! We need to help the brown-haired one!” 

She then had to waste time by grabbing the bear’s arm with her teeth, pulling it away from the banister. Once that was done, she continued headbutting it down the stairs.

After enough headbutting, Faridah was able to make the teddy bear topple down to the bottom. She breathed a sigh of relief once she got down with it.


“We’re almost there, Mister Bear! Just a little farther!” 

Faridah was now wondering if maybe she should’ve gotten one of the other teddy bears instead. Though still bigger than her, they were easy for her to get a hold of and drag around with her.

But she’d gone too far to do that now. And Faridah didn’t think she could drag the giant bear back upstairs with her anyway.


Getting over to its other side, Faridah took hold of the bear’s ear, and kept pulling it into the living room.

As soon as she pulled it completely into the living room, between the couch and the coffee table, Faridah finally let herself rest.


Now all that was left to do was wait for Shark to wake up, and see if her efforts were worth it.


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