(Sun)Burn Notice

“Then the tourist guy in the store asked me if I had ever been in any acting gigs,” Sinbad was yammering one evening as he was preparing dinner for himself. “Apparently, he remembers seeing me on TV.”

Screenshot-3 (10)

Shark was trying to pay attention, but his focus lay elsewhere. “What did you tell him?”

“I told him ‘I was in an episode of Cops last year, does that count?’ Then I had to explain to him why I was on that show.”

“Why were you on Cops, anyway? You never did tell me the reason for that.”

Sinbad groaned as he thought of the best way to explain it.

Screenshot-5 (10)

“Oh, some idiot kept badgering me for an autograph. For some reason, he thought I was some German guy named Zayne or…something. By then, I just got fed up with him and socked him in the face.

“And then I guess he called the police on me. Dick.”

Hearing that name got a sense of realization set off in Shark’s head.

“Wait, I think I know that guy! He’s that super-famous chef who owns some awesome restaurant. There was a documentary on him and his life the other day.”

“That’s what you were watching? I thought it was some really whacked-out episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.”

Shark just shrugged a little. “There wasn’t anything else on.” Then he hesitated, believing he knew the reason behind this identity mix-up.

“Maybe that guy thought you were him because of the red hair?”

“Eh, maybe.”

Screenshot-10 (10)

It wasn’t quiet for too long before Sinbad spoke up again. “Speaking of red, what happened to you earlier?”

Shark knew the question was going to come up. It still didn’t make his skin sting any less.

“I must’ve fallen asleep outside earlier. I knew the sun was really hot, but not that hot. I guess all I can do now is wait until I start peeling.

“I told Sagebear to wake me up after a few minutes, but I guess she’s mad at me for eating something in front of her and not sharing.”

He stopped when Sinbad set down a plate for him, with a single taco. Right away, he bit into it.

Screenshot-6 (10)

“I even told her,” he said once his mouth was clear, “‘this has garlic in it! Doggies can’t eat garlic!’ But she still kept giving me a dirty look.”

Sinbad could barely suppress a chuckle as he sat down with his own egg rolls.

Screenshot-13 (10)

“I tell you, that dog is spoiled. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten her own summer home by now.”

“Yeah, but she’d deserve it. Her and the other doggies need a little more respect, if you ask me.

“But, on the topic that’s not the dogs, think maybe you could find some aloe vera for me? It’d be much appreciated.”

Screenshot-12 (10)

“Yeah, I think we got some of that here somewhere.”

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a good idea to use the stuff with egg roll grease on his fingers. So they had to wait until later to actually put the stuff on.

Screenshot-16 (9)

But Shark was quite grateful when they did get to put it on.


One thought on “(Sun)Burn Notice

  1. I would have thought that Sinbad had a great career as a Cops regular that he can’t put on his resume at all. 😛 But I guess smuggling goods for the Rackets isn’t as entertaining as not being Zayne.

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