No Horsing Around

The next day brought a welcome change to Shark’s current schedule. Or at least, a slight one.

Regardless of what it was, Sinbad was grateful for it.

Screenshot-2 (9)

“Uh, when did we get that thing?” He asked Shark as he was playing a horseshoes game.

“I don’t remember. Either we got it at the consignment store, or Grandpa Claude sent it to us as a wedding gift. Wherever we got it from, we haven’t been using it enough.”

Sinbad didn’t respond, or keep the conversation moving. Thankfully, Shark picked back up right away.

“Are you taking some kind of vacation after today?”

Screenshot-5 (9)

“Oh, yeah! Yeah, I am. After today, it’s two weeks of doing whatever the hell I want.”

This made Shark laugh a bit, if a little awkwardly. “And by that you mean trolling on forums and watching too many cooking shows?”

“I got nothing else to watch. It’s either Iron Chef or whatever garbage is on that soap opera channel.”

“That reminds me. Did the people of Days of our Lives ever get rid of that lady who wouldn’t quit yelling at everyone?”

“I’d have to check, but yeah. I’m pretty sure they got rid of Eve.”

He then waited for Shark to throw his horseshoe, and then both of them waited for the dogs next to them to do something. Screenshot-7 (9)

“Think maybe I could give this stupid game a try? I don’t have to go in for another hour or two.”

Shark then handed him a horseshoe that hadn’t been thrown yet. “Knock yourself out.”

Screenshot-8 (9)

Then there was some more awkward silence. This time, it was Sinbad that spoke up.

“You know the reason I’m taking time off from work, right?”

Shark just nodded.

Screenshot-12 (9)

“To make sure I don’t kill myself by sticking my head in the oven or something like that?”

“I doubt you could do that with our oven, since I’m pretty sure it’s electric, but yeah. That’s part of it, anyway.

“…I guess I’m worried as hell about you lately. Something about you doesn’t seem right.”

Shark said nothing, and just switched spots with Sinbad for his turn at throwing horseshoes.

“Isn’t that pretty much me on default?”

“Not like this.Screenshot-10 (9)

“I was thinking that I’d take some time off, and spend it with you.”

“Doing what? I doubt you’d want to watch anime with me or watch me play my games on the computer for two weeks.”

Sinbad just shrugged a little. “You’d be amazed. I got nothing wrong with flying meat cubes or screaming animatronics or even a two year old wandering around with a talking teddy bear.”

Screenshot-11 (9)

Then he mulled over what he just said. “You play a lot of weird games, Shark.”

“I know.”

Later on, after Sinbad had gone to work, Shark was once again left to his own devices.

Playing horseshoes was rather boring with just one person, and he didn’t think any of the dogs would be able to play with him.

Instead, he busied himself doing other things.

Screenshot-14 (9)

Surely, Sinbad wouldn’t mind if the fire pit was going tonight. Even if tonight was going to be uncomfortably warm, it wasn’t like Shark would care.

He then sat with his back to the fire, and tried drawing things. If nothing else, he’d like to work on his abysmal drawing skills.

Screenshot-16 (8)


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