A View From the Other Side

“Kind of early for these two to be asleep…”

Screenshot-17 (6)

Indeed, it seemed rather odd for Shark and Sinbad to be sleeping at such an early hour. The only reason she could think of for them doing it was that Sinbad had to work a night shift. At least that’s what she’d heard.

Otherwise, she’d not had a clue.

Screenshot-16 (6)

Rae tried not to chuckle too loudly at the two of them sleeptalking. Instead, she directed her attention to the big spice poster.

Screenshot-18 (6)

But all that did was remind her that she was getting rather hungry. Her stomach growling certainly didn’t help matters.

As quietly as she could, Rae tiptoed through the other room and went down the stairs two at a time.

Her gait went back to normal once she knew she was in the clear.

Screenshot-22 (5)

“I can only wonder where they get all this stuff,” she said to herself as she stared at all the decorations on on the walls. “Either there’s a bunch of garage sales or the consignment store was holding back.”

On her way to the kitchenette, Rae was stopped by a picture on the wall. Just looking at it made her cringe.

Screenshot-28 (5)

“Sheesh! Looks like a diet is in order.”

Screenshot-27 (5)

The mildly disgruntled Sagebear in the picture may have wanted to disagree with her, had it not been a picture she was looking at.

“Maybe next time Sinbad should at least try to get a good side when taking pictures.”

Rae then reminded herself what she came downstairs for, and grabbed everything needed for her quick meal.

Screenshot-34 (3)

She rather admired the rustic wood oven that Sinbad had in his kitchen area. No matter that it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the more modern kitchen appliances.

Even now, Rae could smell the lasagna and calzones Sinbad would make for Shark whenever the latter had a bad day. The thought made her mouth water.

But this time, her potential dish used eggplant, just like long ago. As she shoved the lasagna into the oven, she started grumbling to herself.

Screenshot-37 (3)

“Ugh. Hopefully this will be better than that steak gristle from that night. Not that I had much say in the matter that time. But whatever.”

She kept mumbling until her lasagna dish looked sufficiently cooked. Then, with as much caution as she could, Rae dumped it onto a plate and brought it outside.


“Oh, this is good,” she said to herself with her mouth full. “I can see why he liked it so much.”

So good, in fact, that she nearly cried when she finished it. She would have made another pan of eggplant lasagna, were it not for the footsteps she could hear upstairs.


“Ah, dammit!” Rae whispered loudly as panic set in. “I gotta get back! If he sees me like this, I’m gonna be in so much trouble!”

By the time Sinbad got down into the kitchenette to start breakfast, he noticed that his wood fire oven had been recently used.

Or rather, he noticed the smell when he got there.


“What the hell…? Smells like Garfield went vegetarian in here.” He turned to Sagebear, who’d been quietly sleeping on the couch.

“Dog! You see anyone come in here earlier?”

Sagebear, being a dog, didn’t answer his question. She just kept snoozing away on her couch, waiting for the other three dogs to awaken and start their day.


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