Adopting a new Mindset

Even though it was night time, Shark could still feel some amount of humidity in the air.

It seemed to almost want to make the pages of his book stick together.

Still, he tried his best to keep reading, if only because the story spoke to him in a rather uncomfortable way.

Screenshot-6 (6)

“I don’t blame you for feeling that way in the end, Punpun,” he said as he finished up the chapter he was on. “I felt the same way towards my own mother. Well, my birth mother anyway.”

Then he said nothing, as he now just stared at the ending page.

He was so engrossed in this book, that Shark didn’t hear the footsteps approaching. Although having the fountain behind him probably drowned that out, as well.

Screenshot-8 (6)

“I wondered where my hubby went off to with one of his books. Usually you only do that when you want to be alone.”

“Usually. But this time I wouldn’t have minded if you bothered me or came along with me. I take it you got mad at something while you were home.”

Sinbad scoffed and took a seat next to him.

Screenshot-12 (6)

“You’d think I wouldn’t watch a TV show like Southland, and yet I do. Then I got to that one scene where the kid calls the police on his mom.”

Shark nodded, not looking up from his book. “And the kid made you mad by doing that.”

“Yeah, the kid made me mad! The little bastard probably wouldn’t have been in hot water if he weren’t cutting class in the first place. But good luck telling that to parents nowadays.

“It’s all ‘I can’t spank him, that’d be child abuse!’ And then later on they wonder why their kid’s being a spoiled little brat.”

Then Shark asked something that hopefully could give some personal perspective. “What if that brat was your godson?”

“Hey, if Julian grows up and turns into a disobedient little shithead, rules still apply. If he so much as mouths off to me or Gala, I’d hope he would get punished.”

Then Sinbad was quiet, feeling as though he’d gone far enough with this topic. He turned to look at Shark again just as the latter closed his book and set it down.

Screenshot-20 (5)

“So what are you doing all the way out here anyway?”

“I’m waiting for a text from my parents. They went someplace to get some paperwork done, and they’re going to send me something if it goes well.”

As if on cue, his phone began ringing. Suddenly looking a bit nervous, he stood up to answer it.

Screenshot-22 (4)

“So? What does it say?”

“They sent me a picture of something…A piece of paper.”

To answer him properly, Shark began quietly reading, gradually becoming louder with each word he said.

This certificate is to verify that Belinda May Kindle-Racket –that’s Mom’s birth name, Belinda- has formally adopted Dennis Walter Racket, Jr. on this date of-“

Screenshot-26 (4)

He couldn’t finish. he was just too excited and happy to do so. Sinbad just grinned and stood up, leading to Shark gripping him into a hug.

Screenshot-30 (4)

“Aw, she’s my mommy for real now! I’m so happy…”

“Congratulations, Shark.”

Although Sinbad didn’t say this next bit out loud, he was also glad that now Shark no longer had any ties to his biological mother.


When they got home, they celebrated by making cinnamon rolls.

Even if the dogs weren’t too happy about being interrupted from their sleep.

Screenshot-36 (2)


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