Where, oh where, has my Puppy dog gone?

“Faridah! Where are you?”

It was astounding and frustrating as to how many possible hiding places there were in the house for a little Catahoula puppy no bigger than someone’s foot.

Or as of right now, just frustrating.

Screenshot (4)

Shark was wishing more than ever that he could fit under the bed. Sinbad was usually the one who could look under, but he wasn’t home right now.

The reason why was a source of urgency for Shark to find Faridah as quickly as he could.

Screenshot-2 (4)

“Faridah! Fariiiiidaaaaah! Where are you hiding. little puppy?”

After a minute or two of futilely calling for her under the bed, Shark got to his feet and went down to the other room.

Screenshot-4 (4)

It was starting to hurt his legs, given all the bending down and flopping onto his stomach he was doing right now.

Sagebear and the other two weren’t of help; all three of them were at the beach waiting with Sinbad. In turn, Sinbad was waiting for Shark to bring along some lunch fixings.

Neither plan was going to happen if Shark couldn’t locate Faridah.

“Come on, Faridah, we don’t have time to play hide and seek right now! The others are going to be mad at us if we don’t get there soon! Now where are you?”

His search brought him to the kitchen. From eyeballing the general area, there wasn’t so much as a little tail wagging.

Screenshot-9 (4)

Now Shark’s eyes drifted to the sandwich fixings on the table. He feared that the longer he left them out there, the worse-tasting they could get once they became sandwiches.

“Come on, Faridah!” Shark called out. “There’s puppy treats when we go! Don’t you want puppy treats?”

Now Shark was definitely becoming scared.

Screenshot-10 (4)

“What if I never find her?”

“If you don’t find her, then it’s your own damn fault,”  he could now hear the voices in his head say to him. ” Can’t even keep an eye on a stupid puppy, can you?” 

“Faridah isn’t stupid,” Shark said to himself rather feebly.

” Of course she is. And yet she has the brains to hide from such a repulsive mug like yours. It’s a wonder anyone can even stand to look at you.” 

Shark could only bite his lip as his eyes darted around, keeping an eye out for Faridah.

“You really think she’s just going to pop out of nowhere? Get real, idiot. Why not do us all a favor and disappear yourself?” 

Then Shark heard a muted thump.

Screenshot-11 (4)

Somehow, he’d just remembered that he had a bag there for holding the things he was bringing.


After the thump came a high-pitched whine, followed by a bit of rustling.

Screenshot-13 (4)

Faridah looked a touch disgruntled as she trotted out and away from the bag. Her displeasure, however, brought a smile to Shark’s face.

Screenshot-15 (4)

“There you are! I’d wondered where you’d gotten off to.”

Faridah just responded with a few whimpers, before letting herself be picked up and held in Shark’s hands.

Screenshot-21 (4)

“Well, now that I know where you were, what do you say we get ready to head to the beach? I bet the other doggies are waiting just for you!”

Now Faridah just panted and licked one of Shark’s fingers, as he picked his bag up and began packing.


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