Patching Things Up

No matter how many times Sinbad looked at the cleaned up mess before him, it still sent a chill down his spine.

Everything else, he was able to put back in its place, except what had gotten tore apart.

Screenshot-6 (3)

Sinbad wasn’t sure what he could deem worse: That it actually happened, or the circumstances that surrounded it.

It wasn’t often that one of Shark’s episodes would drive him to rip apart one of his own beloved teddy bears. But that only made it more painful when Shark realized what exactly he’d done.

Even the dogs all seemed stunned at this.

Screenshot-5 (3)

Sinbad honestly didn’t blame Beefy and Zas when they ran outside, presumably to escape what had happened.

The wait for the place to open was an agonizing one.

Screenshot-9 (3)


“Not ’til eight, dog. If you’re worried, don’t be. He won’t be up until about noon.”

Screenshot-11 (3)

“Think you and the other three can keep an eye on him until then? I noticed you guys hanging around him more often lately, but I figured I’d ask anyway.”


The place looked as gloomy and dreary as ever. Sinbad was a little surprised it actually got customers, even over a year after it opened.

Screenshot-21 (3)

He wished they’d at least get rid of the creepy nutcrackers out front, though. Somehow they didn’t exactly seem like a good selling point.

At least most of the rest of the store was relatively normal-looking.

Screenshot-23 (3)

He sighed a little to himself as he looked over the posters up for sale. All of them advertised the merchandise in some way, especially teddy bears.

“Good thing I won’t be able to forget what I came here for,” he said to himself.

Screenshot-24 (3)

“…Something tells me I’m gonna have to get some things here for the godson in a few months, though. I’m pretty sure I ain’t supposed to give a baby a Bowie knife and an NRA membership.”

Then Sinbad snapped out of this and sent to find what he came for.

Screenshot-25 (3)

“I really don’t want to know how long it takes to make one of these damn things, with all those patches on it and shit. But as long as said damn thing makes Shark happy…”

The moment Sinbad returned home, he took hold of the bear by its head, and then set it onto the breakfast table.

Screenshot-26 (3)

And there it sat, awaiting Shark to awaken and come downstairs for lunch. For that, Sinbad made certain to leave a note on the fridge, so that Shark would know where it was.

Sure enough, when Sinbad went back outside to tend to his plants, he could hear footsteps coming down the stairs, followed by a surprised gasp.

That was all he needed to hear as he approached his greenhouse. But he also wanted to turn back and see Shark’s facial reaction.

But he was sure he knew what the reaction was, regardless of whether or not he caught a glimpse.

Screenshot-31 (2)


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