Sinbad and Shark Spoil Sagebear Sweetly Swimming

“Hey dog,” Sinbad had asked Sagebear during one early spring evening. “Want to go for a walk and yell at stupid people?”


The snow hadn’t yet dissipated a whole lot at that point in the season. Not only that, but the snow was beginning to turn into a weird slushy concoction. Sinbad was at least glad it wasn’t snowing as much.

It certainly didn’t slow down Sagebear one bit.


“Okay, who’s walking who here?”

Sagebear always seemed to display quite a bit of strength. From the feats Sinbad had heard of her, she was clearly no ordinary dog.

Otherwise, she seemed to be perfectly content with eating her meals and playing with the others. Though Sinbad did wonder if Sagebear had passed on any immense power to Faridah.


Once, Sagebear had directed him to walk by the pool with her. She’d attempted to tug on her leash in its direction, but Sinbad stopped her from doing that.

“Kinda cold to be swimming around this time of year, dog.” He gently pulled on her leash to keep her on the path.

“Maybe when it warms up. Now come on, I think the other day I heard about those computer geeks taking bets on knife fights this week.”

Sagebear’s odd fixation with going to the pool persisted for some time. However, it wasn’t until the snow melted that Sinbad had finally complied.


“Feel better now, dog?” He’d asked her when the both of them were casually wading in the pool. Sagebear certainly seemed happy as a clam while she doggy-paddled about in the water.

Sinbad was at least certain there’d have been worse things than dog hair in this pool.

After it seemed he had had enough of the water, Sinbad got out. Sagebear, on the other hand, was still paddling away.


“You gonna come in soon? It’s still kinda cold to be outside all wet,” Sinbad called out to her when he was standing on the edge of the pool.

Sagebear answered him with a bark. He took this to mean that she wanted to stay a little longer.

And stay she did. screenshot-19-2

Sagebear proceeded to make her laps around the pool, her legs kicking up a storm. It probably helped immensely that her toes were webbed.

But in time, she finally did get out of the water. screenshot-24-2

Now that her need for swimming was satiated, for now at least, it was time for her to return home.

Sinbad appeared to have left already, but this didn’t bother her the least bit; she knew the way home quite well.

Once her fur was properly dried off, she was off.


Sagebear always did love the runs and ‘walkies’ that she had, with her owners throughout her existence.

Another thing she enjoyed was returning home and getting attention lavished upon her, like the other three dogs often did.


“Did you have fun at the pool? Did you? You had fun at the pool with Papa Sinbad?”

All Sagebear really did in response to his questions was pant and bark, before rolling onto her back.


Shark was quite happy to indulge her request for belly rubs.


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